Angular Starter Kit

Starter Kit

Boilerplate / scaffold / Yeoman generator / stack ensemble / seed

  • @angular/cli – Official CLI tool for Angular.
  • test-angular-seed-project – A simple starter Angular2 project.
  • poke-try-harder – Extensible Angular 2 Starter using TypeScript (Updated to 2.4.3).
  • generator-ng-fullstack – Client, server or fullstack – it’s up to you. ng-fullstack gives you the best of the latest: Node, Go, http/2, Angular 1, Angular 2, Express, MongoDB, Gulp, Babel, Typescript and much more.
  • generator-angular2 – A Yeoman Generator to create Angular2 apps right now.
  • generator-ng2-webpack – An opinionated tool for scaffolding an app using angular2 and webpack.
  • generator-modern-web-dev – A Yeoman generator for Modern Web development projects.
  • generator-gulp-angular2 – Yeoman generator for Angular2 + Gulp, base on angular2-seed and generator-gulp-angular.
  • asaf-test – Get started building an Angular library quickly.
  • @manekinekko/angular-library-starter – A Minimalist Starter for Angular (v2+) libraries (w/ AOT support).
  • angular2-webpack-starter – An Angular Starter kit featuring Angular 2 and Angular 4 (Router, Http, Forms, Services, Tests, E2E, Dev/Prod, HMR, Async/Lazy Routes, AoT via ngc), Karma, Protractor, Jasmine, Istanbul, TypeScript 2, TsLint, Codelyzer, Hot Module Replacement, @types, and Webpack 2 by @AngularClass.
  • angular2-universal-starter – Enjoy Server Side rendering and Web Workers in your Angular2 Application.
  • angular-seed – Extensible, reliable and modular starter project for Angular 2 (and beyond) with statically typed build and AoT compilation.
  • clarity-seed – This is a repository for a seed project that includes Clarity Design System’s dependencies.
  • Angular 2 Webpack – A complete, yet simple, starter for Angular 2 using webpack
  • Colmena CMS – Free and Open Source API and Admin powered by LoopBack and Angular.

Angular Dev Tools

Dev Tools

  • @compodoc/ngd-cli – View the dependencies tree of you Angular2 application.
  • angular-playground – A drop in app module for working on Angular components in isolation (Angular version 2.x and above).
  • @ngrx/store-devtools – Developer Tools for @ngrx/store.
  • angular2-prettyjson – Angular 2 debug output of objects. Contains a pipe similar to JsonPipe but adds support for spacing and handling of circular structures.
  • Augury – Angular 2 development tools for Chrome.

Angular Integrations


Integrate with services or other frameworks

Angular Utilities



  • angular-pipes – Useful pipes for Angular.
  • ngx-pipes – Useful pipes for Angular 2 and beyond with no external dependencies.
  • ng-pipes – Bunch of useful pipes for Angular2 (with no external dependencies!).
  • angular2-linky – Linky pipe for angular2.


Utilities to help create HTML forms

  • angular2-schema-form – Angular2 Schema Form (DISCLAIMER: it is not related to angular-schema-form).
  • ng-formly – JavaScript powered FORMS for ANGULAR 2.x and above.


Utilities to consume APIs


  • ng2-ui-auth – An angular2 repository for authentication based on angular1’s satellizer.
  • angular2-token – Token based authentication service for Angular2 (ng2) with multi-user support. Works best with the devise token auth gem for Rails.
  • angular-oauth2-oidc – Support for OAuth 2 and OpenId Connect (OIDC) in Angular.
  • angular-oauth2 – AngularJS OAuth2.

Event Handling

  • ng-click-outside – Angular 2+ directive for handling click events outside of an element.


Responsive Design

  • ng2-responsive – Superset of RESPONSIVE DIRECTIVES to show or hide items according to the size of the device screen and another features in Angular 2.


  • angular2-localstorage – Angular2 decorator to save and restore variables/class properties to HTML5 LocalStorage automatically.
  • ng2-webstorage – Localstorage and sessionstorage manager – angular2 service.
  • angular-safeguard – Wrapper around cookies/sessionStorage/localStorage for angular2. If all are unavailable will use an in memory storage.


Cookie manipulation

  • angular2-cookie – Implementation of Angular 1.x $cookies service to Angular 2.


  • ng2-breadcrumb – This is an angular 2 component that creates a breadcrumb trail. It hooks into the angular2/router, to dynamically build up the crumb trail once a component is routed to.
  • ng2-page-transition – Simple Angular2 component to create a page transition animation on route changes.




Internationalization / L10n / localization / translation

  • @ngx-translate/core – The internationalization (i18n) library for Angular 2+.
  • angular-l10n – An Angular 2 library to translate messages, dates and numbers.


Asset management

Utilities for building / bundling / loading assets

Meta Tags

Set meta tags, <title>, children of

  • ng2-meta – Dynamic meta tags and SEO in Angular2.
  • ng2-metadata – Dynamic page title & meta tags generator for Angular2.


Copy & paste text to clipboard

Angular 1 -> Angular 2 Migration

  • ng-metadata – Angular 2 decorators and utils for Angular 1.x.
  • angular2-now – Angular 2 @Component syntax for Angular 1 apps.


  • compodoc – The missing documentation tool for your Angular application.


Internet of Things

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